About Us

If you want to make some investment in real estate in Sydney, Australia then you have arrived at the right place. We have experience in the real estate business for more than 25 years. We are a real estate appraiser as well as investment consultants in this region. We are aware of the pros and cons of this business as we are aware of the condition of the real estate market of businesses. In the last 2 days, we have sold businesses after making their evaluation.

While selling a business we work closely with the sellers and as a real estate appraiser, we give him a rough idea about the market value of his property. We also tell him about the taxes he will have to pay while transferring the ownership legally. We also prepare reports about the appraisal of the property by giving information about some of the hot properties at present along with other important information about the market.

Similarly, we work closely with the buyers also. We provide them with the almost exact value of the property they want to buy. Though it is not easy to evaluate a property exactly due to the fluctuating market of real estate, we still try to make an accurate evaluation based on prevailing market conditions. One can easily choose the right property to buy if he has an almost exact idea about its value. Most of the buyers and sellers of real estate in Sydney, Australia have no problem in working with us because we follow all the laws and rules related to the real estate market.

While making an investment in buying a business in Sydney it will be the best way to use our experience in this trade. We ensure to provide the best results while working closely with the owners of the properties and their prospective buyers.

Selling and buying hospitality businesses like take away and coffee shops etc. are our specialty. Most of the real estate businesses we deal in are in the CBD or Central Business District of Sydney. It is ideal for families to work with us as we work 5 days a week which is suitable for most of them.

You can find the most suitable business for you by contacting our agents as they have a lot of experience in buying and selling various types of businesses in Sydney. The valuation and attractiveness of a hospitality business depend upon various factors including the size and type of the property, its location, number and size of rooms, suites and their bathrooms, size of its garden, parking space, decoration, double glass and character of the building as well as the possibilities of the extension of the rooms and terrace, etc.

So, if you are interested in buying a hospitality business in Sydney CBD then you can contact us at fngateway.com.au. Our business can be the best place for you as we can offer you good probabilities. It is good to have a business in the CBD of Sydney as you can daily find thousands of students, tourists, and office goers there.