Does a Bathtub Increase Home Value?

increase houses value

Most homeowners will confess that they always look for ways to try to increase their home’s value. When it comes to selling the house, you want to get the best price for it, and anything that might reduce its value has to be dealt with beforehand. This is why you will see a lot of homeowners embarking on renovations before putting up their homes for sale. It might seem like a hasty decision, but it works.

However, it is unfortunate that most homeowners prefer not to do renovations around their homes until the need becomes great that they can’t ignore it. You can avoid this if modifications and improvements are made frequently. It will also be an excellent way to improve your home and make your dreams a reality.

Improving the home can be tedious, moreso if you don’t engage the right people. Your schedule has to be adjusted to accommodate the ongoing works. It can be a hitch in your life, but the advantages will be evident. Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to increase your home value, even if it is just by installing a bathtub.

Bathroom remodeling plays a significant role in the value of the house due to the resources they provide. People also spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Using the bathroom is a mandatory need for every household member, hence the deep consideration into the overall appearance and fixtures that it contains.

The thought of remodeling the bathroom can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you fail to plan for it properly. A little planning will help you have all the initial details of what you would like done. Whether it’s a corner tub being installed or changing some fixtures, you will have all the details and are unlikely to miss out on anything. You should address underlying problems since this will help you plan for their cost.

Real-estate experts advise installing a bathtub as more people become aware of the immense benefits of soaking and pampering themselves. It is also why new houses coming up have master bedroom sizes adjusted to smaller sizes to accommodate larger bathrooms. Do not be surprised when you see people installing bathtubs when they want to sell their home since most of them have understood how much it improves their odds in a resale.

Which brings out the question: can a bathtub increase the home value? The majority of realtors will give you a strong yes as the answer to this question. They strongly advise on having at least one bathtub in the home. Studies have also shown that most homebuyers prefer a bathtub. It is very appealing to those with children and pets. A bathtub is also considered a safer option for people with small kids. Also, note that a house with a bathtub is listed as a home with a full bath instead of one with a shower, which is considered a three-quarter bath.

Prospective homeowners take a lot of time inspecting the bathroom and especially the bathtub. As is the preference of most people, a bathtub is preferred because it gives the bathroom a spacious feeling; you can use the rest of the space to install cabinets and other bathroom amenities. You will find that potential buyers will inspect the bathtub checking it out for rust and rings.

If your bathtub is old and completely worn out, you may have to consider getting a new one and having your bathroom completely remodeled to accommodate it. There are various designs of bathtubs that you can choose from, and they come in different sizes to fit every bathroom size.

For a reasonable amount, you can have a basic corner bathtub installed in your home. The installation costs will vary depending on what the bathroom already has. You will need to examine if you will remove tiles and any plumbing conditions or adjustments that will need to be made. Corner bathtubs come in different colors and materials that you can choose from. Make sure you pick something that will blend well with existing accessories in the bathroom. Do not underestimate the power of a corner bathtub in increasing the value of your home. You can even try putting two listings, one with a bathtub and the other one without. The experience will give you a free platform to see how a missing bathtub significantly impacts a home value.